Van Dyk's by nature

Van Dyk's by nature

The difference between our family farm and other farmers? Well, we don't really have a farm. We don't till large tracks of land, we don't spread seed or plant our crops. What we do is nurture our passion for wild blueberries, the ground they choose to grow in, and the pride that comes from lovingly coaxing each little berry to life.

Simply put, we are stewards. Stewards of pristine little patches of Nova Scotian soil where the best wild blueberries call home. But how has something so small become such a big part of our family? Just take a sip of our purpley-blue juice and it's all pretty clear — when you’re good to the land, the land is pretty good to you too.

Dried Chewy Wild Blueberries

Here's something
to chew on.

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100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice

Picked fresh and squeezed
to perfection.

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Powdered Wild Blueberries

Mix it up with our
all-natural powder.

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