100% wild blueberry products made from Nova Scotia’s finest berries.

Why Van Dyk's

Only the berries. Only the best.

At Van Dyk’s, our products are exactly as they should be - 100% pure, with Nova Scotia wild blueberries as the only ingredient. We’re a family farm that believes in small towns, small batches and the power of small berries. It’s hard work growing the world’s best wild blueberries, but after 60 years in the fields, we know one thing for sure - it’s a labour of love.

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Our berries aren’t just picked, they’re chosen.

There’s nothing extra in Van Dyk’s products, and it takes hard work, innovation and research behind the scenes to keep it that way. Everything we produce contains nothing but 100% Canadian Grade “A” certified wild blueberries. That means they’re the highest quality a berry can be, and that’s a difference you can taste.

A glass bowl filled with chewy wild blueberries.

Dried Chewy & Crunchy Wild Blueberries

For the trail, the office or anywhere you are – our dried chewy and crunchy blueberries make a great nothing-added snack.

A drinking glass filled with dark purple wild blueberry juice.

100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice

Just 75ml of our wild blueberry juice packs the nutritional punch of one cup of fresh fruit. Sip it straight, top with sparkling water or drizzle on ice cream for a daily boost.

A metal bowl filled with powdered wild blueberries.

Powdered Wild Blueberries

Pack the goodness of 100% wild Nova Scotia blueberries into smoothies, baking and more with our easy-to-mix powder.

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Wild Blueberry benefits.

Each and every serving of our pure wild blueberry products are as close to the fresh fruit as science allows. By design, our processes protect the vitamins and powerful antioxidants properties of the polyphenols and anthocyanins wild blueberries are so well known for. In other words: pure nutrients, straight from nature.

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The way it is - the way it was.

We’re the first to say it. Since we began harvesting wild blueberries a generation ago, not a whole lot has changed in the way we gather the goodness. Sure, we’ve traded our wooden rakes for metal ones, added a few small mechanical harvesters, gained a few more hands to help with the picking, and science has helped us find new ways to capture the health benefits of every berry. But we believe if it were any less simple, it’d be a lot less special.

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A bottle of Van Dyk's 100% Wild Blueberry Juice with the following stats next to it, 1906mg polyphenols, 141mg anthocyanins, per 500ml serving'.'

How to buy Van Dyk’s

Juiced, dried or powdered—browse and buy the full range of Van Dyk’s 100% wild blueberry products from the comfort of your couch. We’ll even deliver right to your doorstep. Van Dyk’s is available at quality health and grocery stores across Canada. Find one nearby with our store locator.

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