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It All Begins With A Berry.

Ripe from the Nova Scotian soil, every wild blueberry we pick is packed with natural Grade “A” goodness, so it should be no surprise that we fill every bottle with as many berries as we can muster. And when each bottle contains over 2000 of these tiny blue wonders, there’s just no room to add anything else. But when nature gives us something this healthy and delicious, what more could we add?

Beyond the bottle, our passion for raising the world’s best wild blueberries has led us to discover new ways to capture and share their benefits. So, the next time you’re looking for a taste of Van Dyk’s delicious Pure Wild Blueberry Juice, be sure to also try our 100% Pure Wild Dried Blueberries and 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Powder.

Good(ness) ‘til the Last Drop.

Picked fresh and squeezed to perfection. Our 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice is more than just natural refreshment in each delicious glass. Every bottle is brimming with polyphenols, anti-oxidants, and anthocyanins. In other words, all the good stuff from the ground. The best part? The only additive you’ll find is the label.

Sold in cases of 12x500ml. Coming soon in 250ml bottles!

Make It A Mouthful.

Here’s something to chew on. For those on the go, our 100% Pure Dried Wild Blueberries are an ideal alternative to our 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice. And to make sure we get the perfect chew without losing any of the good stuff, our proprietary drying process helps coax the water out of each berry until they retain roughly 13% of their original moisture. Perfect for the trail, the office, or anywhere at all, our dried chewy wild blueberries make for a great, natural, nothing-added snack. Just like nature intended.

Currently available wholesale in 5kg packages—retail coming soon!

Mix Things Up.

Stir it. Blend it. Mix it. Measure it. Our 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Powder just might be our best wild blueberry discovery yet. Perfect for smoothies, baking, mixing and more, you’ll love how easy it is to pack even more of our scrumptious Nova Scotian wild blueberries into your daily diet. 

Currently available wholesale in 5kg packages—retail coming soon!

For Crunchy Cravings.

Using our proprietary dying method to provide just the right amount of crunch, these all-natural little morsels are seriously satisfying. And as always, with each handful you can be sure you’re getting just as much delectable nourishment as if you picked them yourself. But lucky for you, we kind of like doing it.

Currently available wholesale in 5kg packages—retail coming soon!


For more information on commercial quantities and related commercial drying services please contact Randy MacDonald


Phone: 902-542-4405

Sell sheets:

Dried Wild Blueberry (Chewy) Spec Sheet
Dried Wild Blueberry (Crunchy) Spec Sheet
Dried Wild Blueberry (Powder) Spec Sheet