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Pure Blueberry Juice

What makes our juice unique? It only contains one ingredient: Canada Grade “A” wild Nova Scotia blueberries. No fillers, sweeteners, or preservatives are added - ever. Van Dyk’s is 100% natural, 100% pure, and 100% delicious.

We worked for years with respected agricultural scientists to develop a proprietary process for creating a tasty, nutritious, and wholesome juice for you and your family to enjoy. Our process results in quality, purity and taste unlike any other juice. 

Van Dyk’s wild blueberry juice fits perfectly into a modern family’s life because it’s an easy, delicious, and dependable way to add the goodness of blueberries to your family's daily routine. And since a daily serving costs less than a cup of coffee, healthy eating is easier and more affordable than you’d think. 

Drink a cold glass with breakfast, mix it with other natural fruit juices or add to carbonated water for a refreshing spritzer, or pour a splash in your smoothie.

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Health Info

Wild blueberries are one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits. Van Dyk’s 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice is a delicious, convenient way to enjoy wild blueberries. 

Our proprietary process delivers 667mg of polyphenols and 160mg of anthocyanins per serving.

Understanding Labels

Not all blueberry juices are created equal. What sets Van Dyk’s wild blueberry juice apart? It contains just one ingredient: Nova Scotia-grown, Canada Grade A, lowbush wild blueberries. We use the finest quality berries in our juice. No water, no sugar, and no preservatives are added. Ever. It’s important for savvy consumers to educate themselves about nutritional information labels to ensure they’re getting the product they want. 

Many juices are made from concentrate or from a blend of less expensive juices or lesser-quality fruit. In Canada, nutrition label ingredients are listed in decreasing order with respect to total volume, so if you see a label with blueberry “from concentrate” as the fourth or fifth item, there is very little blueberry in the product. Van Dyk’s wild blueberry juice is not made from concentrate, nor from a blend. 

One area where nutritional labels can be particularly misleading is Vitamin C content. Products made from fruit must be pasteurized to kill naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in order to make the product safe and shelf-stable. The most common form of pasteurization, using heat, will greatly reduce and usually completely eliminate Vitamin C content. So if you read a juice nutrition label that indicates the presence of Vitamin C, it’s usually been added after pasteurization or the manufacturer is presenting a misleading nutrition label. 

The labels on Van Dyk’s 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice represent the content of our actual juice, as determined by an independent government-certified testing facility. It’s no wonder Van Dyk’s won the prestigious “Best New Juice” award at the World Juice Congress.