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The wild blueberries consumers want. 
The great taste and quality they demand. 

We wanted to produce a juice that retains as much goodness as possible from the whole, wild blueberries it’s made with. That’s why Van Dyk’s spent four years working with respected agricultural scientists, researching best methods and practices. 

The results? Remarkable quality, purity, and taste.

Families around the world have added wild blueberries to their daily routines to protect their health - and enjoy a delicious treat! What could be easier than enjoy a serving of juice each day?

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Over 15 Years of History

Casey and Henrica Van Dyk and their family have been harvesting wild blueberries in Nova Scotia, Canada, for almost 40 years. In the mid-90s, they began thinking about a convenient way for their customers to benefit from the incredible nutrition and health benefits of wild blueberries all year round. The task of producing a high-quality juice began. 

The Van Dyks’ goal was to produce a juice that consistently retains the health properties of fresh blueberries and is also safe and shelf-stable. 

By partnering with a team of agricultural scientists, they were able to develop a proprietary process for pure wild blueberry juice production that delivers exceptional quality, purity, and taste.

Through independent testing, the Van Dyks have been able to prove their juice retains a high level of antioxidant activity from the original fruit. 

The Van Dyks have enjoyed more than 50 years of partnership in both marriage and business, and are very proud to share their Pure Wild Blueberry juice with you!