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Van Dyk News & Announcements // Jun 19, 2017

Product Availability at Loblaws

Consumers in Central and Western Canada that have been purchasing our 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice at their local Superstore (Loblaws) may notice that our product is not on the shelf in the Natural Value Section where you usually find us. Loblaws recently initiated a re-alignment of the juice section (within the Natural Value Section) of their stores that unfortunately resulted in a temporary removal of our product from some stores. We are working with Loblaws to remedy the problem to reinstate our quality pure wild blueberry juice in all of their stores as quickly as possible but Loblaws is estimating that it may be as late as September 2017 for our product to be back on the shelf of all Superstore (Loblaws) locations. We encourage you to let your local store manager know you are eager to have it back.

In the mean time you can still source our product at your local Sobeys (Safe Way) stores - once again in the health food section, or perhaps your local independent health food store - if they do not have it - ask for it by name.

Additionally, you can order directly from Van Dyk's (case quantities only).

We appreciate your understanding and continued loyalty.